Cherry Pit Heating/Cooling Pads

A Cherry Pit Pad is a unique heating/cooling pack, made with cherry pits. This is Mother Nature’s own natural heating pad and cool packs. Warmed in a microwave oven for about 2 minutes, it becomes a safe, convenient, comfortable non-electric heating/cooling pad! Compared to a conventional water bottle there is no mess, time wasted to warm water, and it holds the heat much longer than any water bottle.  You can also place in your freezer and you have a convenient and flexible cold pack.

As a hot pack your Cherry Pit Heating Pack, heated in microwave for about 2 minutes, will stay warm for about ½ hour or it will give you warmth in your bed between you, your covers and your mattress for a couple of hours.  As a cold pack, your Cherry Pit pack feels like dry ice vapors and will stay cold for about 25 minutes.  Times will vary for both hot and cold based on exposure to air and of course body heat.  Minis should be warmed less than 1 ½ minutes.           

Down through the ages, people have used hot and cold compresses to relieve aches, pain, and discomfort.  Cherry pits have the unique ability to retain and slowly release moist heat.  Warmed in a microwave or chilled in a freezer, this is what makes the cherry pit pad so soothing and comfortable.  The round smooth cherry pit conforms to the shape of the body, allowing the heat or cold to penetrate hard to reach areas.  It is also a soothing massager when the cherry pits are rolled tenderly against the back.  The cherry pit pack is all-natural, environmentally friendly, and made in Iowa, USA.

Cherry pit pads are available in 2 sizes – mini 6½” x 8”, regular 6½” x 17 ½”our most popular size Cherry Pit Heating/cooling Pack.  The regular size will wrap over your shoulder or around your neck, around your knee or ankle.  I personally like to warm it and drop it down behind my lower back while riding in the car.  The smaller size cherry pit pad is great to keep handy in the freezer for those headaches and hot flashes.  Good for backs, lying under neck on pillow or under leg  while sitting on a chair.  Choose the size cherry pit pad that is right for you!  The flexible cherry pit seeds snuggle close to your body to bring instant relief.

Cherry Pit Packs & Aromatherapy?  Of course!  Place a few drops of essential oil on your cherry pit pack before you place it in your microwave.  As it heats up the moisture within the warm cherry pit pack releases the fragrant aroma of the essential oils.  Sit back and relax and let the cherry pit pack warm and comfort your body while the aromatherapy soothes your soul. All cherry pit packs have 100% cotton fabric or flannel cotton covering. 

All are filled with dried, commercially cleaned & chemical free cherry pits from the great state of Michigan; the Cherry Capital of the World.  There will be a distinct, not always pleasant, cherry smell the first few times you warm your cherry pit pack, but it will soon lose that smell and be nearly odorless, maybe slightly woodsy.  Need moist heat?  Occasionally dampen with water before placing in microwave.  

Washing Instructions – Spot wash when necessary.  If you need to you may wash your Cherry Pit Heating/Cooling Pad in the washing machine.  Our recommendation is to place it in a pillow case and tie it shut.  Wash and dry with a load of towels; yes, they will float in your washing machine.  After removing from the dryer microwave for 2 minutes and place on towel till cool.  Then microwave another 2 minutes and lay back on towel.  This should have most of the moisture out of your Cherry Pit Heating/Cooling Pad.  If you do not have moisture out of your Cherry Pit Heating/Cooling Pad you may have some mildew spots appear on your cover (I call it the wet towel effect).  Why the pillow case?  If something were to tear open you do not want nearly 2000 cherry pits bobbing in your washer or tumbling in your dryer.  Always caution on the side of safety.

Never microwave more than 2 minutes.

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