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Little Rock, in Arkansas

The stores are located at 536 Mulberry Avenue. Street, Little Rock, in Arkansas.  The business occupies a half a city block to shop in!  Trash & Treasures- In the stores you will see: New, Good Modern and Antique Furniture, Antiques, Flea Market, Gifts, Clothing, and Ready to Ride Bikes.  The store also has an inventory of personalized picture frame mats and cherry pit heat/cold pads.  On the web site for ordering are the personalized picture frame mats and cherry pit heating/cold pads, which are made by Cindy.  

Twice Around the Square Consignment Clothing Shop, is a shop with approximately 3500 Square feet of clothing displayed.  The shop was opened in February of 2009, and has consignment and new clothing offered.  Please see our contract for additional information.

Trash & Treasures had a grand opening in April of 2009.  This store has over 4000 square feet on 2 levels.  The store has new, good-modern and antique furniture, antiques, flea market, gifts, Clothing, and ready to ride bikes.  The shop accepts just about everything that you would want to consign or donate.  The staff will price them for sale.


Monday to Friday 9:30 p.m. to 5 p.m.

Saturday 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Sunday Closed

Microwaveable Heat/Cold Pads

The Cherry Pit microwave heat/cold pads are handmade in Northwest Iowa.  The Cherry pits are cleaned and certified safe for use in our heat/cold pads.  All the cutting, sewing, and filling are created in a smoke and pet free area.  Cherry Pit heating pads are safer than any electric heating pads and hold their heat longer than any other natural heating pad available today.  Refer to the instructions, and other information.  The Cherry Pit Pads also makes a great cold compress for headaches and help reduce swelling in sprained joints and muscles.

Name Picture Mats and Frames.  This exciting line of magnetic picture frames (2 1/2″ x 3 1/2″) is just perfect for displaying those school pictures on your refrigerator or metal office cabinets and desks.  Or the mats can be displayed in the matching picture frames.  The picture frames will hold from one to 9 name magnets and are able to be hung on the was.  5″ x 7″ name frame mats and other occasion adn sport mats and pictures can be purchased as a mat or frames as well.  We have matching frrames to hold 5 individual 5″ x 7″ mats.  Check out the 11″ x 14″ school picture frame mats and other occasion and sport mats.

You can order picture frames with names, for framily, sports, events, activities, hobbies, and occdasions including wedding, anniversaries, and especially for school pictures Pre-K to 12 or K-12 with or without a name on it.  Check out the site for mats and framing.  Don’t forget to visit my sister site at www.cindysboutique.com where you can order from as well.