Will Boss Brand Speakers became one of your gift

Some sales people would like you to believe that you have to buy speakers and audio equipment from the same manufacturer if you want your new system to work.

This is not the case.

If you have a system in your car and you would like it to be louder or have better quality audio there are several things that you must consider.

If the system in your car is a factory fitted unit, the chances are that the general performance is average. You may well want something better.

Getting Better Sound

A good place to start is with the speakers because often, these are the weak link in the chain.  Car makers fit mediocre speakers to cut costs.

But before you can go out and buy a new set of speakers, you must know what the power output of your stereo is.  Speakers are rated according to the level of power they can handle from the amplifier.  Amplifiers are rated according to the level of power they push out to the speakers.

These two ratings must match.  If they don’t match quite closely the system will be damaged.  Either the speakers will blow, or the amplifier in the system will blow.

Does The Brand Name Matter?

As you can see, ratings have nothing to do with which company makes the speakers or the amplifiers.  Boss speakers will work with an amplifier from any other manufacturer as long as the ratings match.

The Boss Range: Some of Their Star Performers

The Boss range offers a solution for virtually any vehicle and every user.

The American Boss 250-watt speaker is an excellent choice for people wanting the very best audio in their cars.  This high performance unit consists of a four-way 6.5-inch speaker with a poly injection cone, magnet structure, surround sound and voice coil magnet.

Other well known units are the Chaos Extreme CH5720 and two-way Chaos car speakers. The Boss CH6930 speakers are 6-inch by 9-inch, 400-watt three-way speakers with a 50 hertz to 20 kHz frequency response.

Touch screen car stereo based on a Mica-injected, polypropylene woofer cone that emanates high quality sound throughout the vehicle. The dome tweeter is balanced with Mylar, making for a unit so responsive that the listener can hear every musical inflection and beat with perfect clarity.

To enhance their performance, Boss car speakers are equipped with an auto pilot noise compensation system.  This system samples ambient external sound such as rumble from rough road surfaces, noise coming through an open sunroof and traffic noise and then automatically compensates to keep the listening experience constant and crystal clear.

Also in the Boss stable is the Diablo series of speakers, offering up to 350 watts of unmitigated music power.

Boss car speakers are generally made of aluminum frames and voice coils. As a result the end products are light-weight and can be easily mounted in the trunk of the car. Boss car audio offers different configurations from dual core and 2-way to 4 and 5-way systems.

The mid-range speakers are durable, poly injected units that provide the trade mark Boss quality sound output.

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